About Us

The Charlottesville Derby Dames are Charlottesville’s first and only skater-run, flat track roller derby league. The Dames’ mission is to promote sportsmanship and community by providing an alternative form of fitness and entertainment to the women and men of Charlottesville and surrounding counties.

The idea to form a derby team in Charlottesville began back in 2007 with some of our founding members: Jessika Daver and Phenol Barbie Doll. By October of that year the Dames had recruited more local ladies, found an initial place for practice and started learning the basics of the game. The Dames were ready to skate their first bout in 2008 when three CDD members (Little Miss Pissed, MatilDa Molish, Dark and Stormy) played in their first bout: Commotion by the Ocean. In 2009 the Dames were ready to host their first home bout, Daylight Slayings, featuring Charlottesville Derby Dames v. Northside Stranglers at Expoland. (Read more about the Dames debut at NBC 29.

The league has steadily grown to around 80 members. As of January 2011, the league has had two bouting teams drafted for skill equality at the start of the season, plus a travel team comprised of our most reliable, devoted, and skilled skaters. Most of our practices mix the two teams, and provide an emphasis on strategy and game knowledge, as well as agility and endurance. In addition, our league comprises many trainers, coaches, refs, NSOs, and non-skating members, but we are ALL Dames!

The Dames are also proud to be members of the Charlottesville community and do everything we can to give back to those who support us. We donate a portion of the proceeds of all our bouts to local charities and we participate in local community events and fundraisers. If you are a representative of a local group that would like to get involved with the Dames, please contact us to find out more.

The Dames would like to encourage anyone interested in Derby to get involved. Volunteers, sponsors, skaters, and fans are all welcome. And be sure to check our schedule of events to find out your next chance to catch the Dames in action.