Chili fundraiser survey!!


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Chili fundraiser survey!!

Postby pollytrauma » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:33 am

Hey everyone!! Not sure who has access to what groups so I'm adding this one here too.

We're quickly (too quickly) approaching our annual chili fundraiser and need to secure a date. If you're interested in helping open cans, cook meat, stir chili, cool/label/package chili, or cook cornbread, PLEASE fill this survey out!Hope to see you soon!

Polly Trauma

Original message:Hey all!! We're on a tight deadline now for the chili fundraiser and we need to know what dates people are available. PLEASE fill out this form re: dates if you were planning to help. I'll also keep it in the #chili2017 Slack channel. THANKS!
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