Fresh Meat

FRESH MEAT BOOTCAMP 2018Fresh Meat Recruitment Poster

WHEN: Sundays in September 6:15-8:15p, starting on the 9th

WHERE: Carver Recreation Center, 233 4th St NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903*

WHO:  Any person 18 or older

Your first Fresh Meat Practice is FREE!  After that, it’s $30 for the entire month-long bootcamp (+ $10 for gear rental). Send us an email at if you would like more information!

Have you always wanted to skate derby? We would love to have you! But, for the safety of our new trainees (aka Fresh Meat), we need to do a bit of population control. We’ve realized that we can do better training and have more fun if we bring in new skaters as a group, and help them build the skills they need together. For that reason, we only accept new skaters during Open Recruitment months.

If you’re just dying to get on skates, remember that you can skate at Carver Rec Center during Open Skate (Fridays 5-8 and Sundays 1-6pm) until the Dames re-open recruitment. Questions? Get in touch!

Please complete this interest form:

What should I expect from Fresh Meat practice?   Our Fresh Meat practices are NO CONTACT; hitting comes later, although we will teach you how to fall properly in our Fresh Meat practices.  We focus on the basics – starting, stopping, stance – to help you build the foundation of skills you will need in order to advance as a Derby Dame.

What equipment do I need/what should I bring with me?  No skating experience or equipment necessary to join us at Fresh Meat. We’ll teach  you everything you need to know and you can use our Fresh Meat skates and gear while you learn.  We have a limited amount of extra skates, pads, and helmets to share – first come, first served so come early! You can also rent gear from CDD to take home so you can practice more!

Just bring yourself (wear comfy workout clothes!), a big bottle of water (we’re going to make you sweat) and a willingness to learn and try something new.

*PLEASE NOTE:  for safety and liability reasons, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to attend/observe our practices.  Please do not bring children, parents, friends, siblings, etc to observe any Fresh Meat practices.

Feel free to email us to confirm that we are in a period of recruitment. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.