2018 – Year of the Dames!

December 7th, 2018 | 0 comments

Hello Derby Dames,

It’s that time again where I try to remember all of the amazing things that CDD accomplished this year!

Your Dames have traveled far and wide this year! The Travel Team and Officials have traveled to Ohio, Philly, and Michigan (again). The Travel Team won the 2nd Place Medal at the first ever North American East Continental Cup! River Styx Phoenix was also chosen as the MVP of the tournament by WFTDA.

We had several members work at WFTDA Playoffs tournaments and Admiral Mayhem reffed her 200th game this year! We have shown the roller derby world that our team from a small town in Virginia is something to be reckoned with and we are stronger together. Our bouts at our beloved Xanadu brought the excitement of derby home to both old and new fans. The season ended with the WFTDA ranking of 35 out of 354 leagues worldwide. Our league grew this year too! We had 24 new skaters from our two Open Recruitment Boot Camps, 20 Junior skaters in the Spring and Fall, and 15 Roller Derby at UVa skaters each semester.

This year, CDD contributed to numerous local charities: Shelter for Help and Emergency (S.H.E.), CLAW and Virginia Organizing. The Dames also participated in local fundraising and awareness events for CLAW, SHE 5k, and PRIDE festival.

As the year comes to a close, we would like you to remember your Dames in your end-of-year charitable donations and holiday gift giving. If you want to participate or encourage your family and friends to help, please follow us on our social media, we are now able to accept donations via Facebook, and share posts to help spread the word. We also have our Network For Good site up until the end of 2018: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/CDD and our square store is always online for all of your CDD merch needs: https://squareup.com/market/cville-derby-dames. We would greatly appreciate any amount no matter how great or small.

I would like also to take a moment to thank 2018 Board of Directors for all of their hard work to keep our league running: VP: Christian Wakeman, Secretary: Dutch Blitz, Treasurer: Tammy Maehem, Productions: Sound a Whip Makes, Team Building: Admiral Mayhem, Community Relations: Electrik Slaydee, Development: Chaotic Creole, Training: Midwest Mess, Skater Reps: Maritime Maven and Nacho Baby. I could not have made it through this without you all!

Please feel free to send me any thoughts, concerns, and/or happy derby memories.

Hip Checks and Derby Love,


President 2018



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