40oz Bounce March Scrimmage Report

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Photo by Jason Shifflett

The Charlottesville Derby Dames started the weekend early Thursday, March 24th hosting their derby season’s second public intra-league bout right in their very own practice space (affectionately known as Xanadu). Unfamiliar with the roller derby lingo? An intra-league bout is played just like the regular flat track derby we know and love, but with a fierce twist; both teams battling it out are comprised of an equal mix of your favorite CDD skaters. (Say what?) That’s right, both the Belmont Bruisers as well as the All Stars (including debut skaters and those you may remember from seasons past) are fused and then split into two “Home” style teams named after two C-Ville staples, the Blue Ridge Bombshells and the Downtown Maulers.

What happens when you pit teammates against each other and form new alliances as mixed teams? Some of the fastest and most calculating roller derby you’ve witnessed from the beloved Derby Dames. And Thursday saw just that.


Photo by Jason Shifflett

The first ten minutes of gameplay foreshadowed the nail-biting course of the bout with the Bombshells hanging on to a 21-20 lead. Devastating hits reigned supreme with defensive blockers such as Abersmashy (Maulers) and Lamp (Bombshells) finding themselves protecting opposing jammers. Both players are teammates on the Belmont Bruisers, making catching each other by surprise virtually impossible. Speed demon jammer River Styx Phoenix (Maulers) attempted to run up the score only to be repeatedly thwarted by her All Star teammates  Leeloo Dallas MultiSmash (Bombshells) and The Big BANGarang (Bombshells) on the inside, middle, and outside lanes. Newly inducted Belmont Bruisers Gemmatron and Dutch Blitz each donned the jammer star for the Blue Ridge Bombshells helping to fend off the Maulers with 38 seconds left in the first half bringing the bout to an intense 78-70 at half time.

Star passes were the name of the game during the second half but jammer penalties were equal opportunity field levelers. Though each team suffered from their jammer missing from the track more than once (and sometimes within the same jam), ultimately the Bombshells were able to etch out some much needed distance in their score and were victorious at the last whistle ending the bout at a surprising 210-154.

Forty Ounce Bounce #40

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