A Huge Thank You to All Who Helped with Daylight Slayings

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–November 3, 2009

There are so many people that the Dames want to thank for their help making Daylight Slayings a huge success. If we miss you, it’s not because we don’t appreciate you, because we are truly thankful for everyone who helped us get to this point!

Thanks to:

  • Northside Stranglers- Coach Groper Cleavage, and to the skaters, thank you so much for coming out and skating on our slippery floor! You are awesome and we love you all!
  • Our fresh meat that helped with everything, many coming in at noon and not leaving til it was all over! You all are awesome and we can’t wait until you’re on the rink with us!
  • The Referees and NSOs. We couldn’t have a bout without you and we’re so thankful for you all, many of whom traveled pretty far to come help us out.
  • Troch, coach of Rocktown Rollers, for loaning us their track and for all the moral support he’s offered!
  • Demolition Durga for making the drive from Richmond to co-announce.
  • Andy Waldeck for doing the lighting
  • Lea Calvani’s mom for manning the ticket booth!
  • Jasper, Isaac and Mad Mountin’ Mama’s sister, Jennifer Molinary, for helping with moving things whenever asked all day and all night!
  • Our Sponsors:

    • Ben Around Tattoo-X-Lounge
    • Black Cat Skate Shop
    • Blue Moon Diner
    • Jason Lappa Photography
  • Our Donors:

    • Circa
    • Qdoba
    • Para Coffee
    • Sticks Kabob Shop
    • Mona Lisa Pasta
    • Derriere de Soie
    • AMF
    • Cardinal Point
    • Revolutionary Soup
    • Beer Run
    • Ayako Breitenbach
    • Christina Molinary In Memory of David Anderson
  • The wonderful staff at Augusta ExpoLand for letting us rent their space and being so accommodating.
  • The Dames! We all worked so hard organizing this and it was amazing to look out and see such a huge crowd and fans who’d never experienced derby before cheering for us. It’s been a long time coming, but it was worth it! Good job, team!
  • Our friends and families who have not only helped us, but put up with listening to us talk about derby all the time and understand when we have practices and meetings all the time! Thank you for your support!

Thanks also to our local media outlets for covering our event, including some great videos. You gotta love technology baby!

The Charlottesville Newsplex: Derby Dames Make Home Debut

NBC 29: Charlottesville’s Derby Dames A Great Hit

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