Blue’s Derby Dispatch ~ CDD vs DCRG

February 25th, 2018 | 0 comments

It was an exciting evening as our Charlottesville Derby Dames’ All Stars (Ranked 36th as of January 2018) and Belmont Bruisers traveled north to take on the DC Roller Girls’ DC All Stars (Ranked 58th as of January 2018) and National Maulers. The All Stars started the evening off with a thrilling game, even though the end score may not have shown the intensity from both teams. At the end of the sanctioned game, the CDD All Stars came home with a win with 399 points to 159 for DC. Our River Strong brought home the MVP Blocker trophy while River Styx Phoenix jammed her way to the MVP Jammer trophy. DC’s TI and Yankee Scandal also took home MVP’s trophies. What a start to our Saturday evening!

After such an amazing game it was tough to settle back into our seats to watch the next one. As CDD’s Belmont Bruisers took on DC’s National Maulers, it was easy to see that this would be a close game. By the half, the National Maulers were able to take lead and held on to it for a very close end. 272 to the National Maulers and to 251 for our Belmont Bruisers. Maritime Maven blocked her way to the MVP trophy and Gemmatron snatched the coveted MVP Jammer trophy for your Belmont Bruisers. Carie Chaos and Bettie Bareknuckles received the MVP trophies for the National Maulers. Our athletes competed with all they had and left it out on the track!

Derby ON,

Blue Babe

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