Bout Recap: CDD vs. CVRG in the Brawl on the Mall

June 5th, 2011 | 0 comments

In the spirit of “better late than never,” we bring you the first of two recent bout recaps written by our friend Slam Donaldsin.  All pictures courtesy of CDD’s Dan “Jugglenaut” Purdy.  Many thanks to both of you!!

First up:  Slam recounts what happened when the Dames took on CVRG in the Dames’ inaugural Main St. Arena bout on April 30, 2011.

Charlottesville Derby Dames roll over Chemical Valley Rollergirls 138-81
By Slam Donaldsin

The Charlottesville Derby Dames triumphed over the Chemical Valley Rollergirls 138-81, Saturday, April 30, before a frenzied hometown crowd in downtown Charlottesville in their second win of the season.

“It felt good to see the crowd so jazzed,” said Die-Ann Scream, who moderated all over the track as a jammer and blocker that night.

Die Ann Scream, jamming for CDD

The Dames were down by 9 points early in the bout, but began to creep closer to Chemical Valley. Things really began to turn around when CDD’s B-one Bomber had an impressive run as lead jammer, the first of several devastating carpet bombings she would unleash during the bout. This was followed up by another great run, this time by SparKills.

B-one Bomber takes off against CVRG's Double Portion

By half time, B-one, SparKills, and Jane SkEyre had scored points for the Dames, bringing the score to 74-45.

Chemical Valley’s Liz Vicious (jammer, blocker) and Annie Knuckles (Jammer/Blocker), Captain and Co-Captain respectively, made Charlottesville work to keep their lead. The team had some incredibly fast jammers and their pack kept things, well, action-packed.

MatilDa molish and Rubber Bandit put the squeeze on an opposing blocker

CDD’s blockers were in top form Saturday night, too. Derby Dames coach Rex Knightly said that they were a key to the team’s success.

“We stopped the bleeding and never let them have a 20-point jam,” Knightly said. “They did exactly what we tried to establish in practice. They were excellent.”

Coach Rex Knightly and Bench Manager Boob-onic Plague

Blockers Research and Destroy, MatilDa molish, and Vixen DeBrawl, the game’s MVP, strategized exactly how to some kick ass in the pack, allowing the CDD jammers through and walling off the Chemical Valley girls. Rox Ann Stones held jammers at bay and Mad Mountain Mama hit them out at the back of the pack.

Rox Ann Stones, Rubber Bandit and Jane SkEyre, going after the opposing jammer

Vixen DeBrawl, CDD's bout MVP

SparKills, who put a lot of points on the board for the Dames, agreed that the pack was a central factor.

“It’s easy to watch the jammer, but the meat of what’s happening, the strategizing, is happening in the pack.”

The second half saw Die Ann, SparKills, and B-one piling up the points for Charlottesville, along with a double grand-slam by plaid-skirted Jane SkEyre that would have made ol’ Eddie Rochester fall at her feet.

By the time The Dames were seconds from their 138-81 victory and SparKills was taking a victory lap, the 1000+ crowd was so loud you would have thought you were down the road at Scott’s Stadium watching the Cavaliers.

SparKills calls off the last jam and ends the game with a victory for the Dames

Brawl on the Mall full roster: B-One Bomber, Mad Mountin’ Mama, Miss Teaza, SparKills, Research and Destroy, MatilDa molish, Die Ann Scream, Yoko Slammo, Jane SkEyre, Vixen DeBrawl (MVP), Kar Fetish, Fracking ToastHer, Rubber Bandit and Rox Ann Stones.

Special note: this was Yoko Slammo’s last bout with the Dames before moving to CA. Yoko, you’ll always be a Dame!

Yoko Slammo, in her last bout with the Dames

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