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Blue’s Derby Dispatch ~ CDD vs DCRG

It was an exciting evening as our Charlottesville Derby Dames’ All Stars (Ranked 36th as of January 2018) and Belmont Bruisers traveled north to take on the DC Roller Girls’ DC All Stars (Ranked 58th as of January 2018) and National Maulers. The All Stars started the evening off with a thrilling game, even though the end score may not have shown the intensity from both teams. At the end of the sanctioned game, the CDD All Stars came home with a win with 399 points to 159 for DC. Our River Strong brought home the MVP Blocker trophy while River Styx Phoenix jammed her way to the MVP Jammer trophy. DC’s TI and Yankee Scandal also took home MVP’s trophies. What a start to our Saturday evening!

After such an amazing game it was tough to settle back into our seats to watch the next one. As CDD’s Belmont Bruisers took on DC’s National Maulers, it was easy to see that this would be a close game. By the half, the National Maulers were able to take lead and held on to it for a very close end. 272 to the National Maulers and to 251 for our Belmont Bruisers. Maritime Maven blocked her way to the MVP trophy and Gemmatron snatched the coveted MVP Jammer trophy for your Belmont Bruisers. Carie Chaos and Bettie Bareknuckles received the MVP trophies for the National Maulers. Our athletes competed with all they had and left it out on the track!

Derby ON,

Blue Babe

Roller Derby Family

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2016 CDD Season

The 2016 season with CDD was full of challenging and exciting times.  I was asked to write about our trip to Portland, Oregon for WFTDA D2 Championships, but I think that part is kind of boring.  I, personally, don’t play roller derby so I can fly around the country and win a medal with my team.  I play roller derby so I can be part of a community.  A roller derby league is a big, crazy, family full of character and characters (and you don’t even have to roller skate to be a part of it).

The nurturers.  Every family has one, and every league has at least one as well.  There’s someone who notices when you are sick and tells you what to eat (Maid Carrion), a person who sets up the “Take Them a Meal” calendar when someone is injured (Crashiopeia), and someone who is extra kind to the youngest ones in the family (Stone Wallup with the Fresh Meat skaters).  Of course, you can’t have a nurturer without that relative that is a bit strict.

The disciplinarians.  There is a time for silliness and a time for seriousness.  These types will always let you know which time it is (Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang’s Bang).  The disciplinarians can also be tiger moms, questioning why your A- isn’t an A+ (Luna Impact and skating form).  A part of this group is also the one who is always trying to toughen up the younger ones in the family, like the uncle who will throw the kids in the pool knowing they don’t know how to swim yet (admittedly, this was probably me as a Fresh Meat trainer).

Everyone else.  CDD is a big family with a lot of oddballs.  There’s the brother with the cool dance moves, the pessimistic sister, the sister you tell your secrets to, the hyper little brother, the grumpy grandma, the dirty grandpa, the goofy grandpa, the belching grandma, the gaseous uncle, the creepy uncle, the overly positive aunt, the drunk aunt, the kissing cousin, the cat lady and the hypochondriac, just to name a few.  I’m not going to tell you who these people are in CDD.  I’m hoping you’ll visit this crazy family and find them for yourself.

This large group of relatives has helped me become a better athlete and a better person.  We work hard to keep the family together and sometimes cool things happen, like when that aunt gets a pool (or like winning a 3rd place WFTDA championship medal in your division).  Even though people grow up and sometimes have to move away, they’ll always be related and connected somehow.  In other words, 2016 was full of roller derby but, most importantly, it was full of family.  

-Love, Revenga d’Nerd

40oz Bout Report – CDD Bruisers vs Fredericksburg

Photo by Dan "Jugglenaut" Purdy

Photo by Dan “Jugglenaut” Purdy

Charlottesville Derby Dames’ Belmont Bruisers trekked upstate to battle against the newly named Fredericksburg Roller Derby – formerly the 540 Rollergirls. Both teams rolled in with one bout under their belts; FRD trying to add one to the Win column while the Bruisers tried to maintain an undefeated season. The first five jams saw CDD veteran jammers and newbies alike in Rae-Elise the Kraken and Shank as well as Gemmatron and Dutch Blitz donning the star only to be 14-12 CDD up. Being accustomed to close bouts, the Bruisers weren’t intimidated in the least when FRD jammers inched up to a 23-16 lead.
Turns out it’d be Fredericksburg’s only points lead of the game – and it wasn’t even half time yet.



Photo by Dan “Jugglenaut” Purdy

With consistent lead jammer calls for the Belmont Bruisers and phenomenal defensive plays by blockers Swift Jesstice, Lamp, and Badsquish, Fredericksburg only added 33 points to their score while CDD expanded theirs five times over, ending the half 84-56. FRD was able to etch out more lead jammer statuses in the second half, but thanks to blockers like Apple Clobber and Nacho Baby, FRD jammers spent almost as much time in the penalty box as on the track, allowing CDD to gain 60 additional points to Fredericksburg’s 12. The bout ended in a glorious mad dash for points versus the period clock, the Belmont Bruisers skating away to a victorious 197-134.

-Forty Ounce Bounce

40oz Bounce March Scrimmage Report



Photo by Jason Shifflett

The Charlottesville Derby Dames started the weekend early Thursday, March 24th hosting their derby season’s second public intra-league bout right in their very own practice space (affectionately known as Xanadu). Unfamiliar with the roller derby lingo? An intra-league bout is played just like the regular flat track derby we know and love, but with a fierce twist; both teams battling it out are comprised of an equal mix of your favorite CDD skaters. (Say what?) That’s right, both the Belmont Bruisers as well as the All Stars (including debut skaters and those you may remember from seasons past) are fused and then split into two “Home” style teams named after two C-Ville staples, the Blue Ridge Bombshells and the Downtown Maulers.

What happens when you pit teammates against each other and form new alliances as mixed teams? Some of the fastest and most calculating roller derby you’ve witnessed from the beloved Derby Dames. And Thursday saw just that.


Photo by Jason Shifflett

The first ten minutes of gameplay foreshadowed the nail-biting course of the bout with the Bombshells hanging on to a 21-20 lead. Devastating hits reigned supreme with defensive blockers such as Abersmashy (Maulers) and Lamp (Bombshells) finding themselves protecting opposing jammers. Both players are teammates on the Belmont Bruisers, making catching each other by surprise virtually impossible. Speed demon jammer River Styx Phoenix (Maulers) attempted to run up the score only to be repeatedly thwarted by her All Star teammates  Leeloo Dallas MultiSmash (Bombshells) and The Big BANGarang (Bombshells) on the inside, middle, and outside lanes. Newly inducted Belmont Bruisers Gemmatron and Dutch Blitz each donned the jammer star for the Blue Ridge Bombshells helping to fend off the Maulers with 38 seconds left in the first half bringing the bout to an intense 78-70 at half time.

Star passes were the name of the game during the second half but jammer penalties were equal opportunity field levelers. Though each team suffered from their jammer missing from the track more than once (and sometimes within the same jam), ultimately the Bombshells were able to etch out some much needed distance in their score and were victorious at the last whistle ending the bout at a surprising 210-154.

Forty Ounce Bounce #40

40oz Bout Report

CDD Belmont Bruisers V. Cape Fear – Black Haarts

Photo by A Boy Named Tsunami

Photo by A Boy Named Tsunami

Saturday, March 5th saw the Charlottesville Derby Dames’ Belmont Bruisers in Wilmington, North Carolina, facing off against Cape Fear Roller Girls’ Black Harrts. Despite a very aggressive start by both teams, it was clear early on that the Black Harrts’ jammers were ill-prepared for the havoc caused by the Bruisers’ defense. It was an exciting first bout for Dutch Blitz and Gemmatron, and a challenging beginning to Tastee Freeze’s first season with the Charlottesville Derby Dames. Led by powerhouse blockers SparKills,  Abersmashy, and Tammy Mae-hem, they all played their role exchanging powerful hits which allowed the Bruisers to dominate with consecutive lead jammer status. Jammer penalty trouble for Cape Fear allowed the Bruisers to rack up early unanswered points while jammers such as Smaks Fifth Avenue and SHANK often skated through the pack virtually untouched. The Bruisers’ offensive line, headed by Crashiopeia, contributed to jammer assists through the pack to secure the Belmont Bruisers to a 43-7 lead in the first quarter of the bout. Cape Fear was able to regroup and give Charlottesville a run for its money, flipping the script and giving the Bruiser jammers several trips to the penalty box as well. Cape Fear was able to overtake the lead to a heart-stopping 63-62 just minutes before the half.  During the second half, Charlottesville’s utilization of a deep jammer rotation including  Dutch Blitz, Badsquish, and a star pass to Swift Jesstice allowed them to continually inch farther ahead after once again taking the lead. Despite multiple consecutive lead jammer calls to Cape Fear in the final jams of the bout, the Belmont Bruisers ultimately secured their victory of 148-176.

Photo by A Boy Named Tsunami

Photo by A Boy Named Tsunami


Forty Ounce Bounce #40


2015 CDD Year in Review

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It may seem a little late for a “Year in Review” type post, but as today is the first day of Charlottesville Derby Dames’ 2016 season, I think it is an appropriate time to reflect on last year while  looking forward to the upcoming season. 2015 was a great year for the Dames! Both teams, the All Stars and the Belmont Bruisers, had winning seasons and while they each lost some games, those were catalysts for working harder, adjusting strategies, and overall improving our game.


The All Stars started the season ranked #73 and ended ranked #34. They ended the season with a 12-6 record. 4 of those games were at CDD’s first ever post-season tournament, the 2015 D1 Playoffs in Jacksonville, FL. CDD went in as the 10 seed and, after winning their first game, finished as the #8 seed. The Belmont Bruisers also had a winning year going 7-3, with many of their opponents being the WFTDA charter team for their leagues.


While roller derby requires hard work and practices on the track, that is only part of the effort that goes into making us a successful league. In 2015 we had an estimated 109 meetings lasting for around 144 hours. To contrast that, there were about 364 practices totalling 936 hours. (That doesn’t include our Junior Derby program either! Those young Dames have just begun their derby journey, and thus far have had 22 practices for 44 hours, with 4 meetings totaling 6 hours. I’m so excited for them in this fresh stage of derby love!)


In 2015, 75 people tried Fresh Meat at CDD, and so far we have gained 12 new members from that number. We have one of the smaller population centers for leagues with a D1 WFTDA team, but we are still adding new members every year! (With Open Recruitment periods in February, May, August, and November, 2016 could be the year that you join!)


With the games already scheduled for both the All Stars and the Belmont Bruisers, it is shaping up to be another exciting season of roller derby for CDD! As always, 2016 will hold so many practices, scrimmages, FUNdraisers, volunteering opportunities, and of course social opportunities (both parties and meetings), and we are looking forward to every minute of it! Check out our schedule of events to make plans to come watch some great derby, support your local roller derby league at one of our awesome FUNdraisers, or to get more details about Fresh Meat Open Recruitment!


Oh, one last thing! Wherever you go and whatever you do, remember my most important rule: if you aren’t having fun, then you aren’t doing it right.


Derby love,

Maid Carrion and the Charlottesville Derby Dames


Dames 2013 Home Bout Season Schedules

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What a year it’s gonna be! Download your own copy of the Dames 2013 Home Bout Schedule (collect all 4) or find all our bouts online in our Schedule of Events!




2nd Annual Virginia is for Shovers Roller Derby Tournament

We’ve got skates, we’ve got attitude, and we’re ready to maul on the Mall.

2nd Annual Virginia is for Shovers Roller Derby Tournament
Dominion Derby Girls
Mother State Roller Derby
NRV Rollergirls
and, of course

at Main Street Arena, Charlottesville, VA

In addition to tournament play, more than 70 skaters will skate in challenge bouts throughout the afternoon.

The 2012 VA is for Shovers tournament is an all-ages, family-friendly event!

Doors open at 10 a.m. for skater registration and the sale of all day passes.
Qualifying tournament bouts are in the morning, followed by challenge bouts.
The consolation bout will happen at 6 p.m. and the championship bout at 7 p.m.
Tickets for the championship bout  only will go on sale at 5:30.

In addition to all the derby mayhem, we will have loads of vendors for your entire bargain-hunting skater needs.

Ticketing info (tickets at the door only):

All Day Pass = $15
Main Event Only (7pm Championship bout) = $10
Children 6-10 = all tickets half-off regular price
Children 5 and under enter FREE!
Tickets will be available for purchase at the door only!

Following the day’s festivities, spectators and skaters are invited to celebrate an awesome day of derby at our after-party.

Stars and Strikes Forever, July 7th @ MSA

For life, liberty, and the pursuit of derby…

Stars and Strikes Forever

Stars and Strikes Forever
Charlottesville Derby Dames, Downtown Maulers vs. DC Rollergirls, Capital Offenders
at Main Street Arena, Charlottesville, VA

Doors at 6 p.m.
Bout at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $7 in advance
$10 at the door
Children 5-10 are $5
Children under 5 are free

Get your tickets in advance at Blue Moon Diner or Rivanna Gear and Apparel, or online at brownpapertickets:

A portion of the proceeds from this bout will benefit The Charlottesville Free Clinic.

Return of the Jammer, June 9 @ MSA

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The Force is strong with this one:


Return of the Jammer
Charlottesville Derby Dames vs. Mother State Roller Derby
at Main Street Arena, Charlottesville, VA

Doors at 6 p.m.
Bout at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $7 in advance
$10 at the door
Children 5-10 are $5
Children under 5 are free

Get your tickets in advance at Blue Moon Diner or Rivanna Gear and Apparel, or online at

A portion of the proceeds from this bout will benefit The Clothes Closet