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All About Teamwork by SHANK

Photo by Dan 'Jugglenaut' Purdy

Squish and SHANK prepare for the Brandywine jammer

Growing up, I never played team sports. My older brothers both did, but I wanted to do something different from them, as most of my life has been spent trying to distinguish myself as my own person rather than so-and-so’s younger sister. I did run track and cross country throughout middle and high school, where I was totally reliant on myself for my time and place in the race, but that was it.

I joined the Charlottesville Derby Dames in November of 2013, and became an official member in January of 2014. My first bout was September 27, 2014, against the Kill Devil Derby Brigade. I had no idea what I was doing and so Rex, the beloved Belmont Bruisers coach, had me jam because blocking requires playing well with your teammates and understanding game strategy. As a jammer, as long as you pay attention to your coach’s signals and understand that you need to get out of the pack ASAP to score as many points as possible, knowing strategy and being able to play with your teammates is less important (or at least it was for me as a new roller derby player). I continued to primarily jam through the last games of the 2014 season and again throughout much of the 2015 season.

Photo by Dan 'Jugglenaut' Purdy

Nacho, Gem and Smashy work together to hold the Brandywine jammer.

I decided I wanted to start blocking around the middle of the 2015 season. Jamming requires a kind of confidence that I don’t always have. You are the person who is responsible for your team’s points during the jam when you’re on the jammer line, star on helmet, waiting for the whistle. Don’t get me wrong; I can do it, I just don’t enjoy it (some jammers do). To become a successful blocker, I had to learn to work with my teammates. I had to learn to stay and block with SparKills instead of going up to block the jammer by myself. I had to let Maven grab my hips to do some blocking with me as her anchor. I had to let Nacho and Swift grab my forearms and upper arms hard enough to bruise in order to hold me upright as I blocked a jammer. I had to become part of a team, I had to rely on others, and I had to let them rely on me.

Teamwork is what makes or breaks a roller derby team, both on and off the track. The jammers need to be able to communicate with the coach and the blockers, and the blockers need to be able to effectively communicate to utilize strategies for the game. The more we play together and the better we communicate, the better players we are together and the more effective we are as a team. No one is on the track alone, and no one skater makes the difference between a win or a loss. We all make that difference.

Photo by Dan 'Jugglenaut' Purdy

Coach Rex Knightly gives instructions to the Belmont Bruisers

Roller derby is more than the teamwork our fans see on the track. There is much that goes on behind the scenes to make CDD an awesome league. We are an organization of strong women and men who work together for a common goal: to make CDD a competitive roller derby league that has fun while being part of our local community. I am glad I finally found my team in the Charlottesville Derby Dames.

Community Matters

One of my favorite things about roller derby is the way that it brings people together. As a member of the Charlottesville Derby Dames, I have met and formed strong, lasting friendships with people that I never would have met if I had stayed in my usual routine. Derby is a community full of strong, spunky, fun people, which is precisely the type of person that I love to spend time with.

This is one of the reasons that I love roller derby tournaments. They bring people together from a variety of teams and really showcase the vibrant community that derby has formed. Every tournament I’ve been to has been a beautiful show of sportsmanship, athleticism, and community that reminds me why I stuck with derby.

That’s why I am thrilled that on July 25th, the Charlottesville Derby Dames are once again hosting their annual Virginia is for Shovers tournament for the fifth year in a row. The tournament draws players from all up and down the East Coast, and has grown each year that we’ve put it on. This year, the event will consist of:

  • An invitational involving: Charlottesville Derby Dames, Rocktown Rollers, Dominion Derby Girls, Team Maryland and more.
  • Mix-up (female and co-ed) scrimmages open to all leagues and individual skaters played by the current WFTDA ruleset.
  • Entertainment and activities for skaters and their entourage at the event venue.

We are also thrilled to be able to use Harrisonburg’s Rockingham County Fairgrounds for this event, which will give us more space than we’ve ever had before!

Last year, the day was full of action, cheering, and laughter. The final bout of the day

Penn AS vs CDD AS

The Pennsylvania All-Stars and the Charlottesville All-Stars bond after an intense game at Shovers 2014.

featured the CDD All-Stars taking on the Pennsylvania All-Stars. The action was fast, the strategies were smart, and the skaters were all very focused. It was definitely one of the top 5 most enjoyable bouts I’ve ever seen. Both sides of skaters were in good spirits, but fought tooth and nail for every point that they scored. My heartbeat is speeding up just thinking about it!

I can’t wait to see more bouts this year, because I’m sure that each one will be played with the good sportsmanship, passion, and fire that I saw last year. Be sure to mark your calendars, skaters and fans alike! You won’t want to miss this one!

A very special THANK YOU post!

As we get ready for the 2015 season, the Charlottesville Derby Dames would like to extend a sincere and grateful thank you to all supporters, sponsors, donors, and fans that helped in the 2014 season! We hope we can count on your support again this season!

With your help, the league has continued to grow this past year, with:

  • 8 home bouts Main Street Arena and Augusta Expoland
  • 9 Belmont Bruiser bouts
  • 8 local charities supported as bout beneficiaries
  • 10 WFTDA sanctioned bouts
  • 12 CDD All Star bouts
  • 15 new league memberships
  • 36 WFTDA rankings increased by our charter team
  • 64 new community members trying out the Fresh Meat program for the first time
  • 2,554 points scored against CDD
  • 2,822 approximate miles traveled to and from bouts
  • 5,249 points scored by the league

We have grown from a small handful of skaters learning the basics of derby through trial and error to our current league and 501(c)(3) corporation of more than 80 skaters, officials, and volunteers.  While we battle hard on the track, we do it as a team, and our team includes you! We couldn’t have gotten this far without our fans, our sponsors, and the loved ones who have supported us.

Interested in becoming a part of Charlottesville’s roller derby machine? There are several different sponsorship packets through which you may peruse and find the right level of involvement for your organization. Whether that’s through a Star Pass or Flaming Wheels package with league merchandise and plenty of great promotional opportunities or a Living the Dream package which includes your logo on banners, all sorts of goodies, passes, merch and even league support at business events!

Maybe your level of support means attending bouts at Main St Arena, Augusta Expoland or beyond! Maybe you are that one super-enthusiastic fan who brings that sign with that witty phrase that makes us all laugh, who screams like a wild beast when your favorite Dame is announced, and who completely loses it when she makes that one crucial hit of utter destruction and demise. Or maybe your support means reading this blog right now! Checking in with our Facebook page, fanning from the safety of your own home.

Whoever you are, thank you.

We cannot do this without all of you! Our New Year’s resolutions are to continue to fight for our fans by representing greater Charlottesville as we climb the rankings and bust butts across the derby universe. We are honored to make a very important shout out to the following league and skater sponsors, who help to make this awesome sport an accessible and thriving nonprofit, serving Charlottesville and beyond!


Blue Moon Diner
The Whiskey Jar
Allstate Insurance
Splendora’s Gelato
Shenandoah Joe
Jacque Landry & Fred Greenewalt of South St. Brewery
Beer Run
Revolutionary Soup
Tammy Wilt, Mortgage Officer
Hazel Beauty Bar
Stacey Strawn, Blue Moon Galleries
Guadalajara on East Market Street
Rooter Man
Flora Artisanal Cheese
Larry Whitlock, State Farm
Horbaly Orthodontics
Peacock Auto Services

Ummmm . . . so what the heck is a “Jam”??

Maybe you’ve been to a bout or two, perhaps you have a co-worker who’s a Dame, or better yet, maybe you yourself have just become a member of the league, yet you still find that you can hardly understand what in the world everyone at practice is saying during the scrimmage drill! Well, my friends, have no fear! We’ve got you covered. Here is a not-so-comprehensive, but oh-so-very-helpful explanation of some derby terms or phrases that may have you scratching your head.

So here it goes! When one makes the super awesome decision to begin their derby journey, you come in as “Fresh Meat.” This is a skater who’s learning basic skating techniques such as safe skating, proper stance, and proper ways to fall and recover quickly, as well as getting a general idea of how derby is played. After you’ve got the basics nailed down and you begin to feel more comfortable and stable as a skater, you’ll likely take the test to become a Level 1 skater. By this time, a lot of thought has probably gone into picking a proper “derby name.” A derby name is a name that the person feels best represents the persona or character that best represents their derby self. It is often a combination of puns, character traits, or even something just plain intimidating (i.e. Nacho Baby or Bashin Robbin). These unique names identify you as a skater on the track and allow you to cultivate a persona that you feel best represents your “derby you.”
So now you’ve been to a few practices. You’ve built a rapport with a few of your fellow teammates. Perhaps you feel comfortable enough now to take the plunge and find yourself a lovely “Derby Wife.” That’s right; if ya want a derby wife, put a ring on it! This term is actually gender-neutral. This is the person who you’ve gotten closest to, who helps you through the rough times, tells you when your pads are smelly and is willing to ride with you to the hospital if you get banged up during a bout, practice, or after party.
A Bout is a derby matched played between two opposing teams. Bouts are broken up into two 30-minute periods. Those 30-minute periods are broken up into “Jams.” Oh, the excitement of a well-executed jam! Jams are the “meat and potatoes” of the bout. A jam can last up to two minutes. That’s right: two minutes of action-packed, nail-biting, feet-stomping derby-rific goodness. Each team sends out one jammer and four blockers at the beginning of each jam. The blockers work together in both an offensive and defensive manner. On the one hand, a blocker wants to hold back the opposing team’s jammer, and on the other, they’d like to clear out the other blockers in order to make an open pathway for their jammer to get through. Since the jammer is the only one who can score points for the team or call off the jam before the opposing jammer begins to score points (if she is the “Lead Jammer”), its very important for the players to have good communication and intuitiveness with each other.
This is where the “Mama Hen” or the “Jammer Helper” becomes very important. The mama hen is a blocker who takes on the position of reminding the other blockers of proper positioning during game play, and also echos plays or strategies that the Bench Coach may have discussed prior to and during the bout. The jammer helper is the person who the jammer is relying on to assist them in making holes or clearing paths within the opposing wall of blockers so that they may pass.
Roller Derby can be very fast-paced and confusing to those new to the game. Thank goodness for the NSOs (Non Skating Officials) who keep track of the score, penalties, and official clocks. They, along with the referees, keep the game play as fair and safe as possible. Without them a bout would probably more resemble roller derby matches from the 70’s where you were lucky to get out alive!
If these basics have you nodding your head, excited to learn more, you can also check out some of our more advanced terms in Gretel von Metal’s Roller Derby A-B-Cs post from last June! To see these terms live and in-play (and then shout to your nearest friend “Look, the jammer is calling off the jam,” thereby impressing them with your extensive knowledge of derby terms), come on out to our last bout of 2014 on November 15th at Augusta Expoland!

Derby, Dedication, and Me: The Quitter

Derby, Dedication, and Me: The Quitter by Swift Jesstice

In a life not so many years ago, I was a quitter. I did relatively well in school. I took easy classes and did only what I had to in order to graduate and get into community college. They let ANYONE into community college. Because of this, I filled my time with the things I wanted to do instead of the things I should’ve been doing. The things I should’ve been doing were much harder.

I was the type of person who took the easy way out. Throughout my life I had always given up as soon as things had gotten any harder than I thought that I could handle. Every time I took the proverbial path of least resistance.

A few years ago, that all changed. Among other things, I moved to Virginia from the Midwest, took on the role of single mom, and got my first real job. I have done nothing harder than being a single mom to my little boy. It instilled in me the confidence that I needed. If I could do THAT, I could do anything.

Swift and her son at a bout.

Swift and her son at a bout.

In the fall of 2012 my sister was visiting from South Carolina. We were bored, it was Saturday, and my mom was willing to watch our kids. We googled “what to do in Charlottesville this weekend.” It turns out fate was watching me that day. We saw that there was a roller derby bout in town. Neither one of us had ever really been exposed to derby, but it was something to do and looked like it could be fun. Plus they served beer, and we didn’t have our kids.

I fell in love. The Dames looked amazing, the crowd was excited, and these ladies were giving it their all on the track. They weren’t quitters. I wanted to do it too.

I started working out−just at home, with a Hip Hop Abs video, jumping around at 5:15 in the morning and sounding like I was going to hyperventilate at any moment. My son was 6 months old when I saw the Dames the first time, and I was in no shape to be participating in any activity that had your heart rate up for hours at a time.

I went to Fresh Meat open recruitment in February of 2013. One of the reasons I am writing this is because I’m reflecting on the last year. I passed Fresh Meat after a couple of tries and became a level 1. MONTHS later, and after 2 more tries, I became a level 2. I am now part of the Belmont Bruisers.

I am on a team!

Okay, I’m going to level with you. I am on a team, but I am by far (very, very far) not the best one. Not even close to the best one.

I am not graceful or coordinated. I have never been an athlete. I’ve never been on any kind of workout regiment or gone to the gym. I fall down A LOT, and I’m not always where I should be.

I get frustrated. I get discouraged. I want to quit.

But I don’t.

I get back up and brush it off (literally, the floor is dirty. I know, because I have spent some time there). I go to practice. Even on days where I can think of a thousand excuses why I shouldn’t go to practice; I go. None of the excuses are good ones. There all cop outs for why I’m not good enough or I should give in.

So I get back up and keep trying. I try hard. I give it everything I have. The most amazing thing has happened since I took on this attitude. I have a sense of accomplishment, not because I’m good, but because I’m getting better. I’m getting better because I’m showing up. Sometimes in derby, such as in life, the hardest part is showing up and falling on your face. I have done that. But when you get up, dust yourself off and keep going, you feel empowered.

I am by far my hardest critic. If it wasn’t for the amazing support and not-so-subtle shove I get from my teammates, I don’t know if I would have already stopped showing up. I know everyone wants to win in life, but in a Derby family everyone wants YOU to win and vice-versa.

I want this. I’ll keep showing up and giving it my all, because I want this.


Photo by Dan 'Jugglenaut' Purdy

Photo by Dan ‘Jugglenaut’ Purdy

Lucky Charms: Not Just a Cereal

Lucky Charms: Not Just a Cereal

Serena Williams refuses to change her socks during a tennis winning streak. Swimmer Dana Vollmer keeps elephant accessories close at hand, and wore her elephant earrings throughout the 2012 Olympics. Tiger Woods believes red to be his lucky color, and often wears a red polo to keep his luck up. Athletes have some strong superstitions, especially when it comes to luck, and the Dames are no exception! Many Dames have at least one good luck charm that they simply can’t bout without. We asked a few ladies what they need to have along when they lace up on bout day. Here are their responses:

Nerd rocking her purple and pink "nerd" socks!

Nerd rocking her purple and pink “nerd” socks!

Revenga d’Nerd: “I always wear a pair of my NERD socks on bout day.”

alMighty CrISIS: “I always have something from each of my family members that have passed away….I wear my Moms wedding band, I keep a picture of my Dad in my bag, I try to wear my Brother’s Billy Idol shirt either that day or during warm ups, and I try to wear my Sister’s scarf or at least have it with me in my bag. I know, I know, a lot of lucky charms, but I just like to know that a piece of them is with me as they would be astounded at the fact that I am playing derby. I have tried to leave the house without one of these items and I’m not even sure that they bring me luck, I just feel better when they are with me.”

The Belmont Bruisers warm up before the Feb 2014 Rocktown bout.

The Belmont Bruisers warm up before the Feb 2014 Rocktown bout.

Slam Gamgee: “My teammates are my good luck charm! I know that on a logical level, it’s obvious that I couldn’t perform without my teammates, but it is also my teammates that pump me up, quell my nerves, and help me feel ready to bout!”

Crashiopeia: “I always have the necklace my derby wife gave to me.”

Badsquish: “My socks. I can’t skate, period, without wearing one of several pairs of the exact same brand and type of sock. They have slight compression around the ankle, and I am convinced that, without them, my ankles bones would fall to pieces.”

Boom wears her rainbow socks every bout!

Boom wears her rainbow socks every bout!

BOOM! ShakeTheRoom: “I always wear my rainbow knee socks. I’ve had them since my second bout. I also wear them because my mom can pick me out from the sea of helmets and black and teal.”

Maid Carrion: “Spearmint chewing gum. Weird right? I get nervous before a bout and for some reason a fresh stick of Wrigleys calms me down.”

Petit Zombie: “My stuffed sheep named Jean Oog.”

Nacho Baby: “It’s more of a ritual than an item: before every bout, I listen to Iron Butterfly’s ‘In a gadda da vida’ the album version… all 17 minutes and 5 seconds of it.”

VoldeMorgan: “My Slytherin socks!”

Stone Wallup looking fierce with her wolf bandana.

Stone Wallup looking fierce with her wolf bandana.

Stone Wallup: “While I wouldn’t necessarily say it brings me luck, I feel quite naked when I skate without my wolf’s mouth bandana and my rainbow cheek stripe! The bandana was given to me by Flo Flightengale, who since transferred to Charm City, because she saw it and remembered that I skate with a bandana. I got the idea from a teammate in South Bend, (Candiland Massacre) who wore it because she kept getting penalties for cussing out the refs. Both of these items make me feel stronger, fiercer, and more protected, as well as reminding me of all the teammates and friends who are cheering me on, whether they are physically present or not.”

As each dame is unique, so is her lucky charm! Our beacons of luck give us courage, confidence, and the reassurance we need to perform to the best of our ability. And did you know that studies have shown a clear link between performance and lucky charms? Perhaps it’s not all superstition! Either way, you can catch your favorite Dame (and her lucky charm) at our season opener Supernova Smash doubleheader on April 19!

Get ready for a tournament that [sham]rocks!

Virginia is for Shovers What’s better than green beer, more exciting than a pot-o-gold, and more action-packed than a trip down the rainbow? Virginia is for Shovers, of course! Shovers is an all-day event featuring a tournament of full-length WFTDA-sanctioned bouts, as well as 30-minute challenge bouts, vendors, and other fun activities! There will be two action-packed derby tracks with plenty of excitement to take in! The luck of the Irish is with us today, as registration for this event is now open!

Registration is open!

Spectators, keep an eye out for tickets to go on sale, and remember that season pass holders get in for a discounted rate!

Support Local Roller Derby

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Gadget and Bashin of the Belmont Bruisers high five fans after a bout

Gadget and Bashin of the Belmont Bruisers high five fans after a bout. | Photo courtesy of Dan “Jugglenaut” Purdy

I’m going to be completely honest with you: my goal here is to persuade you to sponsor the Charlottesville Derby Dames. Roller derby is an empowering sport for women, which in itself is a great reason to support us.  However, you may not be aware of some hidden perks CDD provides to sponsors.

Perk #1: Community Involvement: Awesomeness by Association

For every home bout, the Derby Dames donate a percentage of event funds to a designated local charity.  Your business will not only support our team, but charities within the community as well.  Anyone glancing over the bout program will see your business listed in association with support of an organization in need.  To name just a few charities we have donated to in the past:

Perk #2: Business Boom

We love our sponsors, and we show it!  Supporting restaurants such as Blue Moon, Beer Run, Revolutionary Soup and The Whiskey Jar are top spots for team committee meetings and get togethers.  Ben Around Tattoo is the team’s top choice for ink (my very first tattoo done by Ben himself and I couldn’t be more pleased!).  Need a trim for your ‘do?  So many girls on our team visit Hazel Beauty Bar that I’m surprised they have time to take on more clients (they do, don’t worry).  We support our sponsors, and often bring friends as well.

Perk #3: Growing Advertisement Power, with Lower Cost

Roller Derby is experiencing a cultural resurgence, and new fans are emerging daily.  The Charlottesville Derby Dames reach hundreds of people with each bout program, and thousands with our facebook page.  As a sponsor, your business will be promoted as a CDD supporter on programs, through our facebook page, and listed on our website.  Bottom line: the number of potential customers within our fan base is growing.  When compared to the cost of advertising via tv/radio/newspapers, advertising with the Derby Dames is a fraction of the cost (and we’ll give you some free bout tickets to top it off).  A portion of the sponsorship is tax-deductible as well.

Perk #4: Flexibility

Is your budget $50, or $5,000?  Either way, we have something to offer.  If your advertising budget is non-existent, you can donate gift certificates or gift baskets that are raffled off at bouts.  The main idea here is that if you want to contribute, we would love to work with you!

Bout production costs, rent for practice space, away bout travel, and countless other expenses are necessary to keep everything rolling.  Setting the costs and needs of running a derby league aside, remember the perks to being a CDD supporter: boost your business, lower your advertising costs, and help contribute to the community.

Petit Zombie jams in an intraleague bout

Petit Zombie jams in an intraleague bout. | Photo courtesy of Dan “Jugglenaut” Purdy

Interested in sponsoring or learning more?  E-mail

The Lessons that Derby Has Taught (or Reinforced for) Me

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Honey Nut Fury-Os

Fury strikes a pose for her headshots.

I decided to come to Fresh Meat in May of 2013 and haven’t looked back since. In that short time, I’ve learned some valuable lessons.  What’s that, you say? You want to hear them? Well, okay then. Behold: the magic of derby and life, unlocked here for you and your reading pleasure!

1. We all have strengths and weaknesses.

This is true in any setting, but it has become especially evident for me as I look at life through the lens of derby.  Maybe I can’t turn to the inside all that well yet, but I am a pretty stable skater.  I can’t do backwards crossovers, but I have good track awareness.  Some people are amazing jammers.  Some people hit like a truck.  Some people are great Mama Hens, who can guide their teammates to the places they need to be. Together, we are all part of a team, and we all get better by watching the people around us.  The same goes for people behind the scenes, which brings me to…

2. Everyone’s experience–socially and athletically–is different.

We all have friends in and outside of derby.  Some people form instant friendships at derby and hang out in different settings all the time.  They might even have derby wives (derby wife=your best derby friend). Others go to practice and love to skate, but have other obligations elsewhere (jobs, children, families, etc).  You can drive as hard you can in practice, fall down and take hits, and feel exhausted (but also, remarkably stress free!) at the end of the night, or you can simply come and watch and learn (sometimes you have to ask first, but still–ask!).  No matter the amount of space in your life for something else, there is a place for you here.  What if you only have a few extra hours a month?  You can come to Fresh Meat or NSO at bouts or serve on a committee.  What if you are terrified of skates?  First, we can help with that, but second, guess what?  You can STILL be involved. We have team members who do not skate in bouts or practices. It is still a valuable and fascinating experience to be a part of the team. And the team takes lots of people to go around…

3. Running a team is hard work.

There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes.  As a Fresh Meat skater it is a challenge to see the whole picture all at once. So here I am

Honey Nut Fury-Os

Fury skates hard as jammer for the Downtown Maulers in this season’s IntraLeague bout | Photo courtesy of Dan “Jugglenaut” Purdy

*click* taking one for you.  From finding sponsors to scheduling bouts, from working on finding that ever-elusive place to skate to building teams and training athletes, refs, and NSOs, there are some seriously hardworking people on this team (and all skater-owned derby teams) who put in hours to make the operation run seamlessly. We have management and committee heads and everyone pitches in. Once you join a committee, and then become a member and gain access to the forum, you will see (and read!) what I mean. At 8:00 AM, when I get the digest of posts from the forum, I get a little thrill of excitement as I see what kind of important stuff is going on and being shared in a true democratic spirit.  *Sigh* if only work went the same way…but actually…

4. Derby is real life, but it is also a microcosm of real life.

Just as in your life outside of derby, people play all different kinds of roles.  There are leaders, athletes, questioners, jokers, thinkers, problem solvers, funlovers, friends, mothers, sisters (even brothers and fathers–we have male refs!)–and, in many cases, many of these at once or in many different settings.  There are people you love, and people you might not get along with.  Sometimes, you feel a certain way about someone–maybe intimidated or indifferent–but over time and with more interactions, it changes to something more positive. This is life; it is beautiful and messy.  Embrace it: do derby.

Post by: Honey Nut Fury-Os

Damsels in Disguise

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In the split seconds of deciding where to place your feet or to throw your hips, it could not be more crucial to recognize the body skating next to you, friend or foe. Blocking or assisting the wrong skater could mean a serious loss of position, or worse, a loss of points!

Whether you are a skater, ref, NSO, or spectator, your job in the bout depends on your ability to keep tabs on who-is-who, as they fly around (or out of) the track. You’ve probably come to rely on the color of a helmet, the pattern of knee sock, or a strategic smear of make up to quickly identify a player amid the commotion. But what happens without these trademarks on which we’ve come to rely? CHAOS!

It is a well known fact that a Dame without her boutfit can be hard or impossible to recognize. As fresh meat this past June, I’ll admit to the confusion of seeing a Dame without her helmet for the first time, hair down and brushed as opposed to the sweaty birds’ nest that only a helmet can create. The personas that we know and love are not just for fun, but are also way to stay connected and attuned to the game.

And so without further ado, we have for you readers, a trick and a treat! A guessing game in the spirit of Halloween, a challenge to surpass even the mystery of the de-geared Dame!

Test your perceptual skills and see if you can identify your favorite skaters, below! Don’t worry, we’ve provided an answer key at the bottom!

Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who are we?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


Who are we?


Post by: BadSquish

Answer key: (1) Tammy MaeHem  (2) Pepe le PewPewPew  (3) Revenga D’Nerd  (4) Mia Machete  (5) Leeloo Dallas MultiSMASH  (6) Draconian Angel  (7) Crashiopeia  (8) Maid Carrion and Jugglenaut  (9) Boom ShakeTheRoom  (10) B-One Bomber  (11) Tippi Headlock  (12) Miami Beatbox  (13) The Big Bangarang  (14) Slam Gamgee  (15) Bio TearHer  (16) PetiteZombie  (17) O Yoshi Dint  (18) Brighter Riot  (19) Spank Puncherella and family  (20) River Styx Pheonix  (21) BadSquish and RaeElise the Kracken