Charlottesville Junior Roller Derby Summer Program

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Hello, I am Stonewallup. I coordinated and ran the Junior Roller Derby program through Charlottesville Parks and Recreation, was the Head Coach of the Charlottesville Derby Dames (CDD) for three years, and I skate for the CDD All-Stars. Over the past year, I have had the privilege of training up-and-coming Junior skaters, from as young as 7 up to skaters who graduated out of our program as they left for college, through the Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Junior Derby class. Due to the restrictions of the Parks and Rec program, we were not able to do contact. We were able to skate, work on agility, fall safely, positionally block, wall, and begin to learn the rules of roller derby. This summer we are teaming up with the Charlottesville Derby Dames to offer a Junior Roller Derby program to bring roller derby to the wider community of Charlottesville and surrounding area. Moving forward in our new space with CDD, we will be able to begin to work on techniques such as hip and shoulder checks, how not to hit people in the head, back, or below the knees and advanced blocking techniques, such as hip checks.

I am looking forward to helping to coach this new, energetic collaboration with the Charlottesville Derby Dames, the little team that started in 2007 and launched themselves to now be ranked 61st out of 228 international leagues. CDD has more than 40 active bouting skaters and a host of volunteer support. I have confidence that the Junior Derby league, with CDD’s sponsorship and guidance, will see just as much energy, enthusiasm, organization, and enjoyment as the adult league. I’m looking forward to encouraging the juniors to learn to take up leadership positions within the league to build their confidence, organization, and social skills, and to help them to feel ownership over what I want them to see as Their league. Just as the adult league takes players who range from having never skated a day in their lives (yours truly was once one of those sadly skateless newbies) to soccer/track/hockey/rugby/insert-sport-here superstars, and, with patience, humor, and a lot of hard work, transform them into confident, agile derby superheros, so too will the Charlottesville Juniors take anyone who is willing to learn, regardless of dearth or sufficiency of prior experience or skill, and create a team that will happily and assertively take the track against regional (and some day, international) derby teams who don’t even know what’s about to hit them.

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Dames and Juniors unite!

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