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This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions for the city of Charlottesville and your Dames. We skated two competitive  and fun games with the Carolina Rollergirls in our last home double header of the 2017 season. Yet our hearts were breaking over what had already happened in our city, and over the shock of what was happening while we were competing.


WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT STAND FOR THE MESSAGES OR ACTIONS OF BIGOTRY, HATRED AND RACISM ESPOUSED BY WHITE SUPREMACISTS, NEO-NAZIS, THE KKK, OR ANY OTHER GROUP THAT TAKES PRIDE IN ENCOURAGING SEPARATION, DISTRUST, VIOLENCE OR HATE. We are saddened and angered by the events that unfolded this weekend as hate groups invaded our city. We grieve with Charlottesville and mourn the loss of innocent lives.

CDD is currently reaching out to community organizations that may need our help. Our thoughts and emotions are still reeling; yet we remain steadfast even in the face of these tragic events. We have strength, we have numbers, and after WFTDA Playoffs we will have even more time to invest in our community at large. Charlottesville was forced into the news this weekend for heartbreaking reasons. We hope to show you all–in at least one heartwarming way–that this is #OurCharlottesville and that we are #YourCharlottesvilleDerbyDames. We invite anyone searching for a community of strong, courageous people who enjoy good sportsmanship and helping the Charlottesville community to join us.


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