Fresh Meat Recruitment Closes at the End of July!

December 21st, 2010 | 0 comments

–June 5, 2010

Have you always wanted to skate derby? We would love to have you! But, for the safety of our new trainees (aka Fresh Meat), we need to do a bit of population control. We’ve realized that we can do better training and have more fun if we bring in new skaters as a group, and help them build the skills they need together. For that reason, we will be accepting new skaters at Fresh Meat practice until the end of July, and then closing recruitment for a couple months.

What does this mean? If you’re desperate to be a Dame, show up at Fresh Meat practice at the Charlottesville Armory at 7pm on either Wednesday July 21st or 28th. If you can’t make it then, you’ll have another shot to come out and join us in a few months. Just keep watching this site for updates. And… if you’re just dying to get on skates, remember that you can skate at Carver Rec center or at the rink in Staunton in the meantime. Questions? Get in touch!

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