NUMBER: 16 oz.

Nilla Wasteher

Eat my crumbs!


Pivot, Blocker, Jammer, Coach, Ref


Coaching/Team Building

Skating Level

Level 2

What makes you hardcore derby? I dream in derby. I’m married to a ref (Zookeeper).

What is your job/career outside of derby? Artist, designer, writer, mama

Do you have any kids/pets? Lucky (ToeJams) and Zooteeny (Both boys- 3 and 2, respectively). A dozen chickens, dog, cat, fish, turtle, fruit flies…

Do you have any secret/special talents? You’ll have to stay for the after-party…

What has been your favorite derby moment so far? Whenever a brand-spanking-new skater gets lead jammer for the first time! It makes my wheels spin by themselves.

What are 3 words to describe you? Creative. Silly. Honest.

What is your favorite food? Sushi and cheese (but not cheese sushi)

Who is(are) your Derby Little Sister(s)? Demolition Plan, Rubber Bandit, Kar Fetish