NUMBER: 4*0*7*7*

Polly Trauma




Productions, Community Relations

Skating Level

Level Two

Started Skating


What makes you hardcore derby? I’ve done every job that one can do on a derby team from blocking and jamming to treasurer to productions. I like to hit hard and joining CDD has made me a more strategic blocker, so I DARE you to try to get past me and my wall!

What makes you a classy dame? I might hit you hard but I’ll always help you back up when all is said and done. Figuratively though, not actually during the jam 😉

What is your job/career outside of derby? I’m a speech-language pathologist the VA Medical Center in Richmond, VA. I specialize in treating patients with traumatic brain injuries and polytrauma injuries (hence my name).

Do you have pets? If so, tell me more! I’m mom to a slew of cats and dogs, most recently some who have become disabled due to a variety of injuries and illness. I’m starting some online support groups for people with disabled pets and hoping to help those who can’t afford supplies for their disabled pet find ways to acquire what they need.

Who is your Derby Wife? Major Issues from Boomtown Renegade Roughnecks in Bolivar, NY

What is your biggest inspiration? My biggest inspirations are all of the skaters that I see making big gains, working hard, learning new skills. It took me a really long time to get to the same spot that many new skaters get in a year’s time. I’m continually impressed by watching my teammates grow and evolve and see the fresh meat be able to move up to Level 2 and become competitive. And I try to not let it depress me that I’m the world’s slowest derby learner! LOL!

What is your life motto? Meh. (I’m too existential for a life motto).

Do you have any secret/special talents? My special talent is being pretty good at a thousand things and really great at NONE!

What has been your favorite derby moment so far? I have so many great derby moments with so many teams. My favorite moment with CDD was my first game with the team (actually 2 games) at Shovers this year. I had waiting so long, since I came in as a transfer skater, that I was really excited to finally be a part of the team when it counted. We played so great and I felt like I was playing well. And I got to play my first games while Bella Muerta played her last with the team. Bittersweet!! The Circle of Derby Life.

What are three words to describe you? Resourceful, loyal, busy.

What is the one thing you can’t live without? Alone time. Introverts unite!

What is your favorite movie? The Shawshank Redemption