River Styx Phoenix



Junior Derby

Started Skating

May 2013

What makes you hardcore derby? You could literally break every bone in my body and I would still come back for more.

What makes you a classy dame? I live life with a purpose, I’m passionate about what I do, and, in the end, I always get what I want because I work hard for it.

What is your job/career outside of derby? I’m the female equivalent of Cesar Milan.

Do you have any kids/pets? I have my six-year-old baby girl – her name is Dulce (but you can call her Duce). She’s the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet.

Who is your biggest inspiration? My Mom and Dad – they’re the greatest.

What is your life motto? When life knocks you down, you knock her back.

Do you have any secret/special talents? Don’t get me angry.

What has been your favorite derby moment so far? Every derby moment is my favorite.

What is the one thing you can’t live without? Purpose.

What is your favorite food? All meats.

What is your favorite movie? Pillow Talk (1959)

Who is your Derby Big Sister? Draconian Angel (SHE’S THE BEST)

Who are your Derby Little Sisters? KamiKashi and Apple Clobber

Who is your Derby Wife? Hu Dat