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March 2nd, 2017 | 1 comment

2016 CDD Season

The 2016 season with CDD was full of challenging and exciting times.  I was asked to write about our trip to Portland, Oregon for WFTDA D2 Championships, but I think that part is kind of boring.  I, personally, don’t play roller derby so I can fly around the country and win a medal with my team.  I play roller derby so I can be part of a community.  A roller derby league is a big, crazy, family full of character and characters (and you don’t even have to roller skate to be a part of it).

The nurturers.  Every family has one, and every league has at least one as well.  There’s someone who notices when you are sick and tells you what to eat (Maid Carrion), a person who sets up the “Take Them a Meal” calendar when someone is injured (Crashiopeia), and someone who is extra kind to the youngest ones in the family (Stone Wallup with the Fresh Meat skaters).  Of course, you can’t have a nurturer without that relative that is a bit strict.

The disciplinarians.  There is a time for silliness and a time for seriousness.  These types will always let you know which time it is (Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang’s Bang).  The disciplinarians can also be tiger moms, questioning why your A- isn’t an A+ (Luna Impact and skating form).  A part of this group is also the one who is always trying to toughen up the younger ones in the family, like the uncle who will throw the kids in the pool knowing they don’t know how to swim yet (admittedly, this was probably me as a Fresh Meat trainer).

Everyone else.  CDD is a big family with a lot of oddballs.  There’s the brother with the cool dance moves, the pessimistic sister, the sister you tell your secrets to, the hyper little brother, the grumpy grandma, the dirty grandpa, the goofy grandpa, the belching grandma, the gaseous uncle, the creepy uncle, the overly positive aunt, the drunk aunt, the kissing cousin, the cat lady and the hypochondriac, just to name a few.  I’m not going to tell you who these people are in CDD.  I’m hoping you’ll visit this crazy family and find them for yourself.

This large group of relatives has helped me become a better athlete and a better person.  We work hard to keep the family together and sometimes cool things happen, like when that aunt gets a pool (or like winning a 3rd place WFTDA championship medal in your division).  Even though people grow up and sometimes have to move away, they’ll always be related and connected somehow.  In other words, 2016 was full of roller derby but, most importantly, it was full of family.  

-Love, Revenga d’Nerd

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  1. Polly Trauma says:

    Perfect!! And I think we have a few cat ladies 😉 Miss you!

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