The Power of Fresh Meat

May 16th, 2013 | 0 comments
Fresh Meat, Holiday Season 2012

Skaters at Fresh Meat take a break to pose with some festive decorations at the Key Center, December 2012

As I glance around at the faces of the women sitting in the circle on the wood floor, I notice that expressions range from confident to apprehensive, but there is no doubt that everyone is excited.  Today is the first day of Fresh Meat open recruitment.

As a fresh meat trainer, I am excited every time we have a new open recruitment.  I get to meet new people (freshies) and teach them the basics of skating and roller derby.  I get to work with women with a wide range of skill levels, from those who don’t know how to skate to some who were previous figure skaters.  Fresh Meat recruitment is open for a month at a time so there are at least 4 Sundays of potential new faces.  After the first month, we have a pretty solid group of freshies who will continue on through the 8 week minimum fresh meat practices to solidify their skills for Level 1 testing.  Trainers work with small groups and individuals to help each and every new person develop the skills they need to succeed in skating and roller derby.  Over the next several weeks, freshies will improve dramatically in their skating skills.  Each practice is filled with high levels of energy and excitement as everyone learns and succeeds at something new.  Although each individual progresses at their own pace, by the end of the 8 weeks everyone will have learned the basics for Level 1 testing and also some roller derby basics.  Some will have started pack work and other fun and challenging skills.  Its always so exciting to see freshies pass their Level 1 test, I am just as excited as they are. Although I will also miss seeing them in fresh meat practice, I know that they are moving on to bigger adventures.  To me, the best part of being a fresh meat trainer is seeing the women that I have trained in fresh meat go on to be bouting skaters.  It is such a rewarding feeling to watch their progression and see the benefits of their hard work and determination pay off.

Fresh Meat gather at Guad after practice

A large group of friends gathers at Guadelajara for post-practice dinner, February 2013

So as I continue glancing around at the faces of the women sitting in the circle on the wood floor, I smile.  I smile because I know how happy they will be as they learn and improve.  I smile because I know some of them will move on to become amazing bouters.  I smile because I have so many new people to add to my group of friends.

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